Is also a gentleman and experienced fisherman and captain.
Deep Sea Fishing
& Ixtapa



Captain and Owners%

Bernie Rosas


Captain Bernie ( Bernadino Rosas ) is an experienced captain for 20 yrs.  He has a wealth of fishing knowledge and experience.  He is a gentleman who is fluent in Spanish,English and German.  You will feel more than comfortable with he and his crew.  They go out of their way to make your fishing experience a pleasure.


                                                                           The Owners

                                      Bernadino Rosas, Sandra & Daniel Webb

Sandy and I are residents of Essexville, MI, USA.   Our friend  and business partner Bernie was born and raised in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico.  We befriended each other, approximately five years ago, while fishing during a vacation in Zihuatanejo.  We also did a land tour with Bernie and got to know alittle about he and his family ( wife Marguerita, son Miguel, daughters Nyan and  little Marguerita,   OH! and parrot Tequila.  We learned that Bernie was hard working; but more importantly, is a gentleman who is devoted to his family.   On our return vacation we fished two more times with Bernie.  During the second fishing trip he invited us to his home for dinner and to meet his lovely family.  They prepared a Lobster dinner, which was delightful. We have returned annually, not just to fish;  however, to visit our Mexican family.  

This past May 2010 we ventured into a fishing charter service together.  We are 50/50 owners of Dos Amigos ( Two Friends ).  Therefore, Bernie is doing more than just being your captain.  He is committed to maintaining the boats, so you can have a safe,pleasurable and hopefully exciting deep sea fishing experience!!
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